Her Land, Her Love Vol.1

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Her Land, Her Love

Written by Evangeline Parsons Yazzie

The first novel, in a sweeping epic of one determined Navajo family's efforts to persevere during the Long Walk, blends history, romance, conflict, culture, and family in a finely crafted story that is a true work of passion.

"This is about a man who was so incredibly devoted to his wife and a woman who basked in the love of her husband. And as parents, they adored every child ..."

This story begins in Black Mesa, Arizona (Dzilijiin) in 1865 at the start of the Navajo Long Walk. The woman at the heart of the story is Ninaanibaa'  (The Woman Warrior who Came Home Once Again) and her husband, Hashke Yil Naabaah (The Warrior Who Fights with Anger). When two of their daughters are kidnapped, they set out on a journey in search of their missing children.

I wrote this novel for several reasons. First, it was the share with Navajo youth the truth about their history as told by their Navajo elders; second, it was to inform Navajo youth the strength of their ancestors and their Navajo people; third, it was to present the painful history of the Navajo people from an unusual viewpoint- that of a love story; fourth, it was to inform Navajo youth about the strength of love in terms of survival of an individual, of family, and of people; and finally, it was to instill within Navajo youth and Navajos of all ages pride for their people, knowing they come from strong stock. -Evangeline Parsons Yazzie

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