Navajo Green Fox Turquoise Bolo Tie By Howard Begay

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Artist: Howard Begay
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This is a Navajo Green Fox Turquoise Bolo Tie by Howard Begay. This bolo features a marvelous large green stone that has deep green and brown colors with a hint of blue turquoise in it. The stone has a stamped saw-toothed bezel which is slightly raised off the surrounding backplate. This backplate has various stampwork with a filed saw-toothed edge. The bolo also has a matching bezeled stone bailed on each silver stamped coned tip. The bolo is stamped "H.S.B" "Sterling" ".925" and has our Horned Moon logo by our Navajo Jewelry brand line.



  • Sterling silver
  • Turquoise


  • 1 3/4" W X 1 13/8" H  :arge Stone
  • 2 1.2" W X 2 5/8" H Stone W/ Stamped Silver Backplate
  • 1" W X 5/8" H Smaller Stones
  • Includes a 23" leather bolo chord


  • Howard Begay


  • "Sterling"
  • "H.S.B"
  • ".925"


  • Navajo ©
Reviewed by Doug S., 07/30/2013

The Navajo green fox turquoise bolo looks very similar to those made by Tommy Singer and his family. The price shown here is much too much! Tommy Singer would charge only about $1200 for a similar but larger bolo. And now, as of July 2013 - the price of silver is way down! My suggestion - shop in Santa Fe, under the portal attached to the Governor's Palace.