Navajo Charm Bracelet

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Product Information

This beautiful Southwest style Sterling silver charms set bracelet is our first edition to our Horned Moon logo jewelry line. This one-of-a-kind set has five charms and four stone which comes with our handmade chain link bracelet. The chain link bracelet is adjustable to three different sizes, finished with your choice of closing clasp. This stunning bracelet was entirely handcrafted by our very own in-house silversmith Jerry Cowboy. We use pure .925 Sterling silver on all hand made bracelet chains, charms, and stone bezel. Each five charms has it own symbolic meaning as well as each four free form stones. (Read our meaning and stories on our tabs) The charm bracelet comes with a Horned moon tag stamped "Sterling", "NAVAJO", "JCowboy" and ".925".

Collect all eleven charms and eleven stones, each additional charms and stones have a lobster clasp to easily mix and match.


  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Multiple stones


  • Largest average charm size measures 38mm L X 26mm W
  • Smallest average charm size measures 20mm L X 15mm L
  • Stones in bezel measure from 28-16mm L X 11-6mm W
  • Bracelet is adjustable to sizes 6", 6 1/2", 7 1/2"


Jerry Cowboy


  • "Sterling"
  • "JCowboy"
  • "NAVAJO"
  • ".925"


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Symbol names & meaning

Yei bi chei- Navajo Yeis are the supernatural beings that allow communication between our Navajo people and their Gods. YeiBiChi are the masked human dancers impersonating the Yei deities for ceremonial purposes. The yei is a mythical figure that symbolizes various healing powers. Yei figures are often used in healing ceremonies to restore a person’s balance or hozho.

Bear with lightning- The heart line is an arrow going from its head to the heart and shows the Indian warrior's heart is strong like the bears. The meaning of the Heart line symbol was to signify life force. It represents the breath as the life force of the animal. The heart line is depicted as an inlaid line in the shape of an arrow. This arrow is called the lifeline or heart line. The heart line begins at the mouth where breath gives life and points to the soul, or spirit, where faith and inner strength preside.

Eagle- Native Americans consider the bald eagle and the golden eagle to be sacred. As eagles are the highest flying birds they were seen to be nearer to the Creator. The meaning of the Eagle symbol was to signify courage, wisdom and strength and its purpose was as the messenger to the Creator. The eagle was believed to carry prayers to the Great Spirit in the Spirit World and also had a special connection with visions.

Kokopelli- is represents his role as a source of music making and dancing and spreading joy. The distinguishing features of the Kokopelli symbol are his hunchback, his dancing pose and his flute. The hunch on his back represented the sack he carried which might contain seeds for the harvest, the songs he carried and beautiful rainbows. The flute he plays symbolizes his music that changes the winter to spring.

Zuni Sunface- to the Zuni tribe, the Sun symbolized abundance, continuity, stability, positive energy, hope, happiness and peace. They associated it with warmth that made life and growth possible and believed it brought playfulness and joy to children, and good fortune and prosperity to families.

Arrowhead- is projectile points with sharpened tips to make it deadly when hunters hit the targeted victims. They are securely attached to the shafts which could either be fired from a bow or thrown by using a spear thrower. The meaning of the Arrowhead symbol to the Native Americans was to signify alertness and protection.

Dancing Eagle- the Eagle dance believes that the eagle has the theoretical ability to move about between heaven and earth. It is believed that the eagle has supernatural powers. Also, the eagle is believed to have the power to control rain and thunder. Therefore, the Eagle dance originated as a result of this figurative meaning.

Rabbit- Native American animal design "the fear caller." A timid animal always alert to danger, quick to run. An animal guide teaching us the importance of being aware of our environment, ready to move.

Jackrabbit- The Jackrabbit is a spirit animal that provides power of listening, hearing, and clairaudience. It symbolizes alertness, quick thinker, moving through fear and you never box yourself into a corner. You always plan for an escape exit, you are quick-witted, peaceful, talented and a survivor.

Desert Lizard- Southwest meaning of a lizard is a survivor of the age of the dinosaur in miniature form. Lizard has learned the ways of survival. He has transcended the powers of survival into the powers of regeneration. He intrinsically knows that he has the power to survive anything, to overcome anything and to heal from anything.

Gila Monster- is believed to be able to go a year or more without food or water and spend up to spend 95% of their time underground. The meaning of the Gila monster symbol was to signify preservation and survival and used as a sign of the desert.

Stone names & meaning

Turquoise- The word Dootł’izh (turquoise in Navajo language) can be a general term for wealth and well being. Turquoise, especially, is known for its positive healing energy, an aid in mental functions, communications and expression and as a protector. This stone is considered to be one of the most important stone for body and soul protection, a symbol of heavenly purity, and the most important stone of medicine men capable of causing rain and protecting from sickness.

Additional story: Blue turquoise was considered male and symbolized the sky, while green was female and symbolized the earth. If you’re wearing a turquoise ring and you look down and see a crack in your stone, Native Americans would say “the stone took it”, meaning the stone took the misfortune that you would have received.

Malachite- is said to protect the wearer from accidents and protects travelers. It was worn as a good luck charm to keep away danger and illness. It is believed to balance and stabilize ones emotions.

Variscite- a stone with a lovely vibration that will kindle joyous feelings and bring peace and harmony to your heart. It is excellent to aid anyone with stress or anxiety.

Jasper- is highly valued as a healing stone that is full of grounding energy. They can connect you deeply to the vibrations of the Earth, bringing a greater understanding of the power of nature. Jasper helps us to be less judgmental and know on a soul level that we are all connected. In some Native American culture, Jasper symbolizes the blood of the Earth, making it particularly sacred.

Lapis- is the perfect stone for wisdom and fortitude. It is also believed to be an excellent stone for decision makers. It is a gemstone of total awareness that connects the wearer to a higher truth. It connects you to your spiritual guardians, shielding you from negative energy and returning any negative vibrations back to their source.

Onyx- is also known to be a calming stone. Native Americans believe it collects negative energy from you while wearing it. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, helping to prevent that drain of personal energy. Onyx assists with melancholy, the release of negativity and depression. It helps to calm your fears, leaving you feeling stable and secure.

Abalone-is a beautiful shell of the sea. It is believed to hold great healing and soothing energy, encouraging a calmer demeanor. The multidimensional, pastel rainbow colors enhance feelings of peace, beauty, compassion and love. Native Americans believe this shell to be a sacred shell and use it, along with sage, to carry prayers to the Heavenly father.

Sugilite- is sometimes known as "the healer's stone" because of its great ability to enhance healing. It lessens effects of shock and disappointment. Sugilite is a stone that helps perfect spiritual love and open the heart to unconditional love. It can help manifest one's natural gifts and protect against harsh realities. It lowers hostility, anger, jealousy and prejudice and gives a sense of freedom.

White shell- It has been known to enhance personal integrity and provides a reflection of the self or reflection of the soul so that one may know themselves on a deeper spiritual level. White shell was worn by many Navajo people to honor and remember White Shell Woman who is important to the creation story and was the wife of water.

Apple Coral- Coral is associated to blood circulation. It is believed that it stops bleeding and fights the anemia. It also reduces fever and headaches. In many cultures it is given as a gift to children and pregnant women.

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