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This two-piece outfit is made with the materials of a mix-velvet fabric; the colors are magenta and golden brown. The style for the blouse is called a cold shoulder top, a top with two round holes on the shoulders. Sterling silver studs are paste around the round neck line; this adds more character to whoever wears this dress. The skirt is 21.5 inches long from the waist to the knees and is straight unlike the others that contain three tiers or made with the fabrics of cotton. The waistband measures up to 21.5 inches around, since it is elastic then I can stretch all the way to 54 inches.


  • Velvet Fabric
  • Sterling Silver Studs


  • Blouse size: Women’s Medium-Large
  • Skirt: 21.5 inches long
  • Waistband: 33 inches around, but could stretch all the way out to 54 inches.


  • Doreen Begay Etsitty


  • Tó’áhání Fashions

2 Piece Magenta Velvet Dress


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