Arrowhead Bisbee Turquoise Navajo Ring

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  • Sterling silver
  • Bisbee Turquoise


  • Ring measures 31mm in length X 26mm in width
  • Stone with bezel measures 33mm in length X 18mm in width, 11mm in height
  • Shank tapers from 20mm to 5mm at center


Tommy R. Jackson




Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor          

    1 review for Arrowhead Bisbee Turquoise Navajo Ring

    1. Ulla E.Asbjørnsen

      It´s so beautiful and I love the history of the Indian people – so I want to buy this ring. The description is following: 18mm in width – that means the size of my finger? I am not so clever in English…..

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