Made in American, Pendleton has a variety of beautiful robes and shawls. This Pendleton shawl blanket is inspired by Chief Joseph, a leader of the Native American tribe called the Nez Perce. The design on the robe blanket holds arrowhead patterns that symbolize the courage, strength, and bravery that he used to lead his tribe throughout the hardship times and harsh weather elements but later surrendered to save his people. These child-sized robe blankets come in a variety of colors and would make a perfect gift to give for any special occasion.


  • Napped; fabric is combed for a softer, thicker feel
  • Felt binding
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton
  • Fabric woven in our American mills


  • Blanket: 32 inches wide x 44 inches long
  • Fringe: 4 inches long


Pendleton Woolen Mills


Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor

Baby Chief Joseph Pendleton Shawl


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