Beauty Beside Me, Stories of My Grandmother’s Skirts


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Shimasani Bitl'aakal Noot'ishigii Nizhongo Nidaashch'aa'go Baa Hane'/ Beautty Beside Me, Stories of My Grandmother's Skirt

Written by Seraphine G. Yazzie Illustrated by Baje Whitehorne Sr Grandmother cooks, weaves, and dances. She herds the sheep, makes cedar beads and lulls tired grandchildren to sleep. While she does all these things, she wears her beautiful Navajo skirts - velvet skirts of many colors that swish and sway as she moves. Grandmother's life is filled with beauty of the best kind: beauty of kindness, beauty of family, and beauty of love. Her actions are lesson to all those around her, especially to her bright-eyed and observant granddaughter. By following in the footsteps of her grandmother, the girl discovers the true meaning of beauty and the magic of simple life well-lived.


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