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This blue velvet blazer is accompanied with a blue floral skirt. The blazer is made from blue velvet material and has two different sterling silver stamped buttons. The small silver pieces are place around the collar while the bigger silver pieces take on the role of the blazer’s buttons. The skirt has three tiers with an elastic band that can stretch all the way to 55.5 inches around. Printed all over the skirt are blue flowers ranging from dark to light and are outline with shine gold. At the end of the skirt, a dark navy blue ribbon is sewn around.


  • Fabric: Blue Velvet and Cotton
  • Sterling Silver Buttons/ Studs


  • Blouse Size: Women’s 12
  • Sleeves: 5 ¼ inches x 25 inches
  • Dress: 35 inches long
  • Waistband: 33.5 inches around


  • Doreen Begay Etsitty


  • Tó’áhání Fashions

Blue Blazer with a Floral Three Tier Skirt


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