Brown Sheep Wool Yarn M14 Sunburst Gold

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Product Information TOP OF THE LAMB. "A LEGACY: SOMETHING TO BE PASSED DOWN FOR GENERATIONS." This 100% USA grown yarn is made by Brown Sheep, Inc. © which is located in Mitchell, Nebraska. They have been providing the Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise with this superb wool in both worsted and sport for all of your weaving needs. It is still spun today in both weights in almost all of the same colors that were selected in the beginning, according to company owners, Harlan and Janet Brown. Material & Measurements WORSTED- 100% Wool, 190 yards/skein, 1 Ply, Size 8 Needle recommended, Average Gauge 5 st / " - 6 rw / " FINE- 100% Wool, 350 yards/skein, 1 Ply, Size 5 Needle recommended, Average Gauge 6 st / " - 8 rw / "


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