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These inlay rings comes in a pair of two and are made from the materials of sterling silver, cherry opal and white gemstone CZ. The cherry opal stones were sand into long vertical rectangles then placed within silver gaps that divides them in a row of seven stones. One ring is plain with seven opal cherry stones while the second ring has six opal stones and one CZ gemstone. The stamped hallmark is located inside the ring’s band/shank.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Cherry Opal
  • White Gemstone Cubic zirconia (CZ)


  • Tapered ring band is 8mm on top and 3mm at the base
  • CZ Gemstone: 5.5mm x 3.5 mm
  • Cherry Opal Stone: 2mm x 7mm (each inlay piece)


Elizabeth Noble


  • “Sterling”


  • Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor

Cherry Opal & White Gemstone Silver Inlay Engagement Ring


Center Gemstone:Cubic zirconia (CZ)
Stone:Cherry Opal

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