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Following the layout of a Classic Navajo Squash Blossom, Chris Tom made his own version in a set of two. Everything about this set is made from scratch with the materials of sterling silver and green emerald valley turquoise. The sterling silver were cut into different pieces, stamped and soldered together to form shiners and barrel beads. The shiners come in different sizes from small to medium and they are cut then stamped into flowers designs; they are use to fill in the open spaces and made into beads. The barrel beads are made with string of wire that wrapped around a rod, pressed together and soldered in order to keep the wire from becoming loose or to unravel. Sealing the top and bottom are two small shiners, this bead would take on the shape of a cylinder or barrel; the inside of these beads are hollow therefore they will not solid.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Emerald Valley Turquoise


  • Naja: 3 3/4 inches x 6 inches
  • Earrings: 4 inches long
  • Necklace: 30 inches long
  • Barrel Beads: 21mm x 46mm


Chris Tom


  • “Sterling”
  • “Chris Tom”


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Chris Tom’s Wire Designs with Emerald Valley Turquoise Necklace Set


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