Everett Teller Strand Necklace

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This Everett Teller necklace is made out of sterling silver six different shaped Kingman cab stones, purple spiny oyster beads, turquoise beads, Stamped and hammered silver figurines and silver corrugated beads. There are six different figurines, A bear, two butterflies, heart and two crosses. Each figurine has a single stone cab and different stamping styles. The heart has one cab stone and one gemstone cab. Necklace strand has half dome purple spiny oyster beads, small turquoise beads and assorted sterling silver corrugated beads. Silver pieces have a satin finish polish.


  • Sterling Silver Corrugated Beads
  • Purple Spiny Oyster Beads
  • Sterling Silver Cut Out Figurines
  • Kingman Assorted Shaped Cabs
  • Turquoise Beads


  • Corrugated beads: 5mm bead
  • Purple Spiny Oyster Beads:8mm bead
  • Butterfly size 1:31mm length x 39mm width
  • Butterfly size 2:32mm length x 41mm width
  • Cross size 1:41mm length x 40mm width
  • Cross size 2:32mm length x 33mm width
  • Bear size: 20mm length x 33mm width
  • Heart size:46mm length x 38mm width


  • Everett Teller


  • "EMT"
  • "Sterling"


  • Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise Vendor


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