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This watch features a picture of The Great Seal of the Navajo Nation on the dial of the watch face. The black band is adjustable to six sizes. The watch bezel is made of water resist stainless steel.

Meaning of the seal: “The Great Seal has fifty projectile points or arrowheads symbolizing the Navajo Nation’s protection within the fifty states. The opening at the top of the three concentric lines is considered the East. The lines represent the rainbow and sovereignty of the Navajo Nation. The rainbow never closes on the Nation’s sovereignty. The outline line is red, the middle line is yellow and the inside line blue. The yellow sun shines from the east on the four sacred mountains; Mt. Blanca [Tsisnaasjini’ – Dawn or White Shell Mt.], Mt. Taylor [Tsoodzil – Blue Bead or Turquoise Mt.], San Francisco Peak [Koko’oosliid – Abalone Shell Mt.], and Mt. Hesperus [Dibé​ Nitsaa – Big Mt. Sheep]. Two cornstalk with pollen symbolizes the sustainer of Navajo life. A horse, cow and sheep, located in the center, symbolizes the Navajo livestock.”


  • Watch band
  • Watch face


  • Watch measures 9 3/8 inches long
  • Watch face measrues 39mm L X 36mm W
  • Watch smallest size 6 to biggest size 7 1/2


Navajo silversmith


Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor

Great Seal of the Navajo Nation Watch


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