Howard Begay Sterling Silver Dry Creek Set

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Product Information Made with the materials of .925 Sterling Silver and Dry Creek Turquoise stone has created a beautiful set of three that completes a stunning look to anyone who wears it. The .925 (92.5%) is the amount of sterling silver and the rest (7.5%) added is either copper or alloy, this strengthens and capable of creating designs for the jewelry pieces. The artist Howard Begay has taken the time to carefully hand stamped each piece to create fans surrounding the stones and added other designs to the bracelet's wrist band. The center stones are Dry Creek Turquoise; its characteristics are having a light chalky or sky blue with a golden brown matrix. Materials
  • Sterling Silver (.925)
  • Dry Creek Turquoise
  • Ring size: 9
  • Pendant: 1 3/4 inches x 3 1/2 inches
  • Bracelet: 6 inches
Silversmith Howard Begay Hallmark
  • Sterling
  • .925
Brand Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor


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