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Kingman turquoise stones are popular to use on Navajo jewelry. These stones are known with their beautiful sky blue hues but can range from a deeper blue and green with a streak of dark/light matrixes. The ring’s centerpiece contains a single oval turquoise stone and holding it in place is a bezel. Outlining it, a strip of round twisted wire. The ring’s shank is split into four and inside are the hallmarks that were hand stamped by the artist, Delbert Luther.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Kingman Turquoise Stone


  • Ring Centerpiece: 19mm x 22mm
  • Stone: 14mm x 18mm
  • Shank: 6mm


Delbert Luther


  • DL
  • .925


  • Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor

Kingman Turquoise Stone with a Four Split Shank Silver Ring


Size: 12 1/4

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