Moonlight Blossom Necklace And Earring Set

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Beautiful set was handcrafted by the artist Jimmy Brown. The artist used two necklace rows of different Jasper stones with green, red and orange. The necklace and earrings share a similar stamped design with bump outs designs. A serrated bezel wire is place in the center around the red spiny oyster shells. It is a hook earrings. The stamped bale size 3/4 in width x 1' in length. These two items are apart of our 2011 Ceremonial Sets. Materials ⦁ Sterling silver ⦁ Red Spiny Oyster Shells ⦁ Jasper Stones Measurements ⦁ Necklace: 2 1/4' in width x 14' in length ⦁ Earrings: 1' in width x 1 1/2' in length ⦁ Bracelet Size: 6 inch ⦁ Gap Range: 1 inch ⦁ Wrist Size: 7 inch Silversmith ⦁ Jimmy Brown Hallmark ⦁ “Sterling” ⦁ "JB" Brand ⦁ Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor    


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