Enjoy your morning gohwééh (coffee) or evening dééh (tea) with this beautiful colorful coffee cup. This Native American design coffee mug features a beautiful drawing sketched by a Navajo artist. This painting is of blue horse trotting along side some blooming flowers and corn with the mountains in the background. Passing a full rainbow the blue horse is accompanied by two blue birds. The other side of the cup, there are two different quotes. The first quote: “Wishing you much Love & Happiness. May all your Hopes and Dreams come True”. The second mug has a quote: “May your Life Be filled with Many Blessings, Much Joy & Happiness.”




  • 4 3/4″ L X 3 1/4 Diameter
  • Holds 15 oz


Beverly Blacksheep


Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor

Native American Blue Horse Painting Coffee Mug


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