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One-of-a-kind acrylic painting by Navajo artist. This is a spiritual painting of the instruments used when a Native American Church Ceremony is conducted. The paraphernalia in this painting are a tied water drum kettle, a drum stick, a gourd rattle, hand staff, eagle-bone whistle, sage, scissor-tailed fan and a waterbird fan. The Chief Peyote sits on top of the drum hide with a smoke taking form of a spiritual being who carries the prayers to the Holy Ones as they send their blessings. Native American Church Ceremonies take place during the night and is concluded in early morning sunrise stretching & grateful to the beauty of a new day.


  • Wood frame
  • Plain canvas


Painting: 16″ X 20″


Raymond Succo Jr


R. Svio © is DINE


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Native American Church Acrylic on Canvas Painting


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