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This magnificent Navajo Three Stone Turquoise buckle is made with sterling silver. This piece is composition piece. The buckle almost resembles the shadow box look with two slightly domed fans sitting on top and bottom of the buckle. The outside border is made with hand pressed half rounded wire. The border is scalloped stamped with two separate stamps. The piece is also accented with twisted wire running inside the stamped border. The fan work is stamped with straight lines and arrows which is given a slight dome to give that famous shadow box look.  In between the stones are four accent stamped silver shiners. The piece is contrasted with heavy oxidation. This piece is stamped with the hallmarks “Sterling” “.925” and the Navajo Arts And Crafts Enterprise Logo -the Horned Moon Stamp.

Please Note: If you’d like the stone as pictured, please choose the appropriate stone or stone combination from the provided chart


  • Sterling silver
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


  • Buckle measures 76mm L X 64mm
  • Three(3) cabochons stones measure 17mm W X 13mm H


    Howard Begay


  • “Sterling”
  • “.925”


  • Navajo ©

Navajo 3 Stone Turquoise and Silver Buckle


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