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This Navajo made necklace is made with Sterling silver. The necklace features five hand crafted cluster pendants which are connected by a silver chain link. The stones are seated in a saw tooth bezel featuring outer silver drop spacers. The necklace has matching cluster earrings. This piece is stamped with the artist’s personal signature of a hogan under some clouds and a view of a mesa. This piece is also stamped with the initials  “ML Perry”, “DINE” and “Sterling”.


  • Sterling silver
  • Turquoise


  • Clusters(7) measure 24mm in diameter
  • Center cluster stones(7) measure 11mm in diameter
  • Oval cabochon stones measure 5mm L X 3mm W
  • Chain link measures 11.5 inches long


ML Perry


  • “Sterling”
  • “ML Perry”
  • “DINE”


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Navajo Cluster Turquoise Necklace Set


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