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Nahookos Bi’aad- Mother Who Protects The Home” a giclée print from original oil painting by Navajo artist Melvin Bainbridge. Nahookos Bi’aad, can be translated as the Female Revolving One in the Navajo. Represented by the Constellation Cassiopeia in the northern sky this is the female companion of Nahookos Bika’. She is a mother and sometimes a grandmother, who exemplifies strength, motherhood and regeneration. She reflects the ideal characteristics of stability and peace in the home. She also provides for her family through use of her weapons of a grinding stone and stirring sticks, used to fight off hunger and ensure a healthy lifestyle for her family. Many spiritual teachings are associated with Nahookos Bi’aad and her male companion Nahookos Bika’, related to male and female relationship, family values, and the sense of belonging to a home with a comfortable fire. Made in the USA


All Materials 100% Archival


  • Size with white frame: 18″ X 24″
  • Painting itself: 12 1/2″ X 18 1/2″

Navajo Artist

Melvin Bainbridge


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Navajo "Mother Who Protects The Home" Oil Painting


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