Decorate and personalize your windows, electronics and more with this Great Seal of the Navajo Nation sticker.

The Great Seal contains various features that hold important symbolism. 50 arrowheads are encircling the seal represents the tribe’s protection and the 50 states in the United States. The lines of the inner circle represent a rainbow including sovereignty of the Navajo Nation. An opening at the top is the sun rising from the east and below it are the four sacred mountains: East (White), South (Blue), West (Yellow), and North (Black). Within these mountains are the livestock animals of the Navajo Nation: horse, cow, and sheep. Two corn stalks are located at the bottom of the seal that represents the sustainer of Navajo life and the pollen from the corn are used for many sacred ceremonies.


  • Sticker: 3 ¾ inches




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Navajo Nation Great Seal Sticker


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