Navajo Purple Youth Low-Cut Boot- Y3E

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This moccasin has a front lace tie and a hard and flexible sole. Aside from the machine stitched piping the rest of the moccasin is hand-stitched. This style of moccasin is also known as the "Front-Tie" style. The shoe will feel a little snug when trying it on for the first but eventually it will expand to the foot’s width. To maintain the moccasins from any grime is to use a cleaning brush or a dry wash rag. Avoid being in contact with water, this may result for the moccasins to harden the sole and weakening the leather.


  • Purple Suede Leather
  • White Latigo Leather


  • Shoe Size: 3E (Youth 2E)
  • Latigo Leather Sole Thickness: 1/4" thick
  • Suede Leather Moccasin Thickness: 1/8" thick


San Agustin Trading Co.


Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor


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