Navajo Teardrop Turquoise Hair Combs – #2

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Navajo hair combs with petit point turquoise stones and it is also sterling silver. This is handmade hair comb and it's a set of Two. The turquoise stones are on top in a row on the comb. It includes twist wire, and silver beads. The beautiful 19 turquoise stones are set in serrated bezel.  Hair combs are made of plastic. You make different hair styles. Simply place them into your hair. Petit Point turquoise stones are comprised of long, narrow teardrop-shaped stones that have one rounded. Materials
  • Sterling silver
  • Turquoise
  • Hair Comb: 2 13/16" W x 3/4" L
  • Turquoise: 2mm x 6 mm
  • Gerald Mitchell
  • Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise Vendor


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