Navajo Turquoise Zuni Kachina Bolo Tie

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This nice looking bolo tie is made of sterling silver. The cut-out bolo tie is of a Zuni Kachina. The Kachina features six saw-tooth bezel turquoise cabochon, three on the headress, two for the eyes and one on the bottom outfit. The Kachina has a sun ray stamp on both sides representing it's eagle wings while its holds its sacred intruments in both hands. The back of the bolo tie is stamped "D.Smyn".


  • Sterling silver
  • Turquoise


  • Kachina measures 3 inches in height
  • Widest point is 1 1/2 inches
  • Stones measure: 4mm to 15mm
  • Silver tips measure 2 1/4 inches long
  • Leather measure 44 1/2 inches long, lays 22 1/4 inches from neck


  • Delbert Smallcanyon


  • "D.Smyn"


  • Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise Vendor


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