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This Navajo made brooch is made with Sterling silver. The brooch is a cut out of a Navajo Yei bi chei. A Yei is a holy spirit believed by the Navajo people taking form as a human being. The Yei bi chei is holding it’s instruments in both hands dressed in a buckskin attire. Three turquoise stone sit on the headdress of the Yei, two turquoise stone for the eyes, and one turquoise bezel under the hands of the instruments. In back this pin is stamped “DSmyn”.


  • Sterling silver
  • Kingsman Turquoise


  • Brooch measures 58mm L X 32mm W
  • Stones measure from 11-4mm X 9-4mm


Delbert Smallcanyon




Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor

Navajo Yei bi chei Brooch


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