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Sold as a set of two, these jewelry pieces were inspired by the style of a traditional Navajo squash blossom set. Robert Johnson created this set by using the materials of sterling silver and purple spiny oyster stones. Hand stamped designs can be found surrounding the center stones on the squash blossoms and earrings. Using sand casting to create the naja is a traditional way for silversmith to give their jewelry an old fashion look. The necklace is hand strung with small handmade silver beads along with the naja and squash blossoms.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Purple Spiny Oyster Stones


  • Naja: 48mm x 47mm
  • Stones: 7mm
  • Squash Blossoms: 43mm x 20mm
  • Earrings: 43mm x 20mm
  • Necklace: 26 inches long
  • Silver Beads: 6mm x 5mm


Robert Johnson


  • RJ


Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor

Purple Spiny Oyster Squash Blossom Set


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