Radiant Stamped Necklace And Earring Set

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This gorgeous set was handcrafted by the artist Christopher Tom. Who has taken the time to create identical sterling silver cutouts by hand. The necklace and earrings share a similar design of a flower design with 5 turquoise stones. Both pieces are hand stamped. A unique bezel cup is place in the center containing the natural Kingman spiderweb turquoise stone. This two piece necklace and earrings are apart of our Ceremonial Sets. Materials ⦁ Sterling silver ⦁ Kingman Spider Turquoise Stones Measurements ⦁ Necklace: 2' in width x 16' in length ⦁ Earrings: 1 1/4' in width x 3' in length ⦁ Natural Kingman Spider Turquoise Stones: 3/4' in width x 1' in length Silversmith ⦁ Christopher Tom Hallmark ⦁ “Sterling” ⦁ "Christopher Tom" Brand ⦁ Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor


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