REINCARNATION BELIEFS of North American Indians

Written by Warren Jefferson

Reincarnation Beliefs of North America Indians provides an in-depth look at spiritual experiences about which very little has been written. The stories and commentary presented here about Indian reincarnation beliefs are drawn from the anthropological records and other primary sources of information. They present a fascinating look into the rich and varied psychic life of the American Indian.

Learn about a Winnebago shaman’s initiation, the Cherokee’s Orpheus myth, the story of “A Journey to the Skeleton House” from the Hopi, the Inuit man who lived the lives of all animals, the Ghost Dance, and other extraordinary accounts. For the most part the stories are from the past, but there is also a contemporary account of rebirth, for the experience of reincarnation is still real today for many Indian people.

Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians


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