Mountain Turquoise has a range of colors, going from the deep blues to lighter blues with a touch of a greenish hue and a fine brown, black or water matrix. The big center stone has those qualities, holding in place is a smooth bezel. Surrounding it are 31 round silver drops and with proper cleaning, this pendant will glow brightly from the light. A 20-inch necklace chain is also included. Behind the pendant are the hallmarks, “M”, “ING” and “STERLING” stamped.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Mountain Turquoise


  • Pendant: 29mm x 43mm
  • Stone: 21mm x 22mm
  • Silver Drop: 2mm
  • Necklace Chain: 20 inch long


Mildred Parkhurst


  • “M”
  • “ING”


Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor

Round Mountain Turquoise Stone Necklace


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