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This children’s cluster bracelet is needlepoint. Kingman Turquoise stones are sand into small thin shapes thus is called needlepoint. There are 32 turquoise stones, 32 flat silver drops, 3 round twisted wires, and 1 round silver drop. The centerpiece contains a row of 20 needlepoint forming an oval, inside are two more turquoise stones and between them, the round silver drop. Two fans with 6 stones are place on each side of the centerpiece. Spacing the needlepoint stones are flat silver drops and 2 silver twisted wires. Inside the bracelet are the hallmarks, “B” and “Sterling” stamped.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Kingman Turquoise


  • Bracelet Cuff measures 3 ¼ inches
  • Bracelet Gap measures ¾ inches
  • Wrist Size measures 4 ¼ inches
  • Needlepoint Stone(s) measures 3mm x 8mm
  • Flat Silver Drops measures 3mm
  • Round Silver Drop measures 2mm


Lavell ByJoe


  • “B”
  • “Sterling”


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Small Kingman Needlepoint Children’s Bracelet


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