Spun Sterling Silver Wire and Emerald Turquoise Set

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Product Information This jewelry set was created by an artist named Jimmy Brown. The materials that he used are sterling silver and turquoise stones. The beautiful center stone made of Emerald Valley Turquoise, securing the stone is a flat twisted wire and outlining it are hand stamped shells or fans. Filling in the major spaces are twisted wires that take on the form of a tear drop or a wavy line with the end curled into a spiral. Inside the teardrops are round silver drops. The earrings and necklace have a layout; they have five of the twisted tear drop wires placed below the turquoise stone. The bracelet has two rows/ sets of twisted tear drops on each side of the center stone and the shank has a variety different stamp designs on the surface. Materials
  • Emerald Valley
  • Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet: 5 ½ inches x 2 ¼ inch
  • Earrings: 1 ½ inch x2 inch
  • Pendant: 1 ¾ inch x 2 ½ inch &
  • Necklace chain:  25 ½ inches long (adjustable).
Silversmith Jimmy Brown Hallmark
  • JB
  • Sterling
Brand Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor


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