Stamped Sterling Silver Concho Belt

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Concho belts are normally worn among the Navajo people with traditional attire. The beauty of the concho belt is that it goes well with jeans, as well as, dress-up attire. The artist chose to stamp each concho with the same design and bump out center. The conchos sit beautifully on a leather belt when evenly spaced.


  • Leather Belt
  • Silver Conchos


  • Belt: 1 1/8" wide x 52" in length
  • Buckle: 3 9/16" wide x 2 9/16" height
  • Conchos: 3" wide x 2 7/16" height


Arnold Blackgoat


Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise Vendor

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    1. LeeAnne Armstrong Bounds

      Beautiful piece. Well made.

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