Sterling Silver Navajo Men’s Ring Size 14 1/4


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Inspired by the old style of Navajo jewelry, this ring is made with the materials of sterling silver and adding a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise as the center piece. The thickness of this ring makes it sturdy to hold two different hand stamp designs on the inside and out. Some of these stamps have meaning while the others are just made up. Outlining the ring is a row of single lines that look closely like a rope; ropes represent “security”, which protects us from any danger or threats. On the ring’s surface are sharp diamonds that go around the ring’s band, but outlining them are mountains or mountain ranges. Mountains represent “majesty”, which can mean dignity, beauty or power. Inside the ring are more designs along with the hallmarks. Materials
  • Sterling Silver
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stone
  • Stone: 13mm x 16mm
  • Centerpiece: 17mm x 20mm
  • Twisted Wire: 2mm
  • Shank: 4mm x 13mm
Silversmith Jimmy Brown Hallmark
  • JB
  • Sterling
  • NACE Symbol
  • Teme Jewelry Inc. ©


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