Sterling Silver Red Coral Squash Blossom


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    Navajo Squash Blossoms are the most popular jewelry to make or to own especially this product. This necklace is made with the materials of Sterling Silver and Mediterranean Coral stones. The pieces that represent the squash blossoms were replaced with oval shadowbox pieces and inside is a single coral stone. The textured crescent-naja has a row of a hand stamped design, round silver drops and a stone placed on the top of the piece.


    • Sterling Silver
    • Mediterranean coral stone


    • Naja or center pendant: 78mm x 63mm (thickness: 12mm)
    • Squash Blossom pieces: 18mm x 34mm
    • Stones: 17mm x 20mm.


    Lester Craig


    • “L Craig”
    • “Sterling”


    Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor

    Sterling Silver Red Coral Squash Blossom


    1 in stock


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