Sterling Silver Turquoise Cluster Ring

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This sterling silver cluster ring has an oblong oval shaped turquoise centerpiece surrounded with twist wire and silver beads. The oxidized background between the row of oval turquoise pieces gives the ring depth. Polished silver droplets and stamped flowers are placed along the edge and gives the ring a nice sheen. The contrast between the centerpiece and row of turquoise stones compliment each other well. Materials
  • Sterling Silver
  • Turquoise
  • Cluster Ring: 2 11/16" length x 2 1/8" width
  • Center Turquoise Stone: 36mm x 22mm
  • Oval Turquoise: 10mm x 5mm
  • Ring Size: Adjustable
Silversmith ⦁ Hemerson Brown Brand ⦁ Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise Vendor


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