Sterling Silver Wave Plate Press and Flowers Cuff Bracelet


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Plate pressing jewelry requires two plates: metal and sterling silver. The metal plate has wave print designs. Putting the two plates together and compressing it creates a fully patterned sterling silver. The silver plate is then shaped into a cuff bracelet; to add more features are copper and bronze wires. These wires are curve and shape into flowers with tall vines. These wires and cutout leaves are soldered onto the patterned plate. Inside the bracelet are the hallmarks, "Teme" and "Sterling" stamped. Materials
  • Sterling Silver
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Bracelet: 1 inch wide x 6 inches long
  • Gap Range: 1 inch
  • Wrist Size: 7 inches
Silversmith Teme Production Hallmark
  • Teme
  • Sterling
Brand Teme Jewelry Inc.©


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