The Three Little Sheep/Dibe Yazhi Taa’go Baa Hane’


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Dibe Yazhi Taa'go Baa Hane'/The Three Little Sheep

Written by Seraphine G. Yazzie Illustrated by Ryan Huna Smith Navajo by Peter A. Thomas When three little sheep set out to begin life on their own, they never dream that they will be followed by a hungry coyote. Fainthearted and just a little bit nervous, each brother heads in a different direction: one travels to the east and builds a grass hut, another travels to the north and builds a teepee. and the final brother travels to the south and builds a hogan. But Coyote has heard of their plans, and he is determined to catch one of them for his dinner "Little Sheep, Little Sheep," he calls, "let me in! Or I will huff and puff and blow your hogan in!" The sheep panic and hide, but eventually develop some stratagems of their own. Coyote will need all his cunning and tricks to defeat this faithful band of brothers.


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