Traditional Beaded Doll Dancer

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These beautiful doll is hand beaded by czech beads. This vintage inspired doll features several different color beads with red, white, baby blue, green, yellow, red, orange and black. It also has a white "feather" with colors coordinating with the blanket. They are strung on strong double strand nylon beading thread. These charms are all beaded with high quality, vibrant colors of czech bead. Traditional is a dance that exemplifies dignity, grace and modesty. The women can move in several ways. Some move in a bounce style, zigzag or sidestep in a circle around the arena, always with a bounce movement. The dress is usually elegant yet simple; the women always carry an eagle feather fan which they raise in the air from time to time as the songs indicate, with an honor beat to show respect and honor for the men and the drum. Materials Multi Beads Measurements Bead Doll: 2 inches wide x 3 ½ inches in length Multi Beads: 1/16 wide inch x 3 1/16 inch in length Silversmith Susie Deal Brand Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor  


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