Tufa Cast Posted Earrings

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These earrings are stunning! A magnificent earrings specializing in Tufa casting. Gorgeous post earrings that will be show stoppers whenever you wear them and so neutral you will want to wear tufa cast earrings, handmade of Solid Sterling Silver. The design is first carved by hand in Tufa stone then the artist pours the molten silver. Then shape, smooth, and polish the rough casting. You can still see the Tufa stone texture in the background and on the inside. Once the piece is removed from the Tufa Stone the design is usually broken and cannot be used again, thus creating an original used a web design, cross with a circle symbols to create this astonishing unique design. Materials Sterling Silver Post Earring Measurements Tufa Cast Earring: 15 mm wd. x 20mm lg. Silversmith Monty Claw Hallmark “MCLAW” “Sterling” Brand Navajo Arts and Crafts Vendor


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