Variscite Bloom

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Product Information A set like this is a must have! Each jewelry item is created with the traditional hand stamping method to create a layer of floral design. In the middle of each jewelry pieces are the variscite stones; they come in different colors from a yellowish green to a faintly green with a hint of blue, but contains a matrix of a light brown color. More hand stamp designs can be found behind the bracelet along with the hallmarks. Materials
  • Variscite stone
  • Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet (5 ¾ inches) 37mm x 40mm
  • Earrings 34mm x 50mm
  • Pendant 40mm x 56mm &
  • Necklace chain 24 inches long
Silversmith Jimmy Brown Hallmark
  • "JB"
  • "Sterling"
Brand Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor


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