Product Information- Navajo or Native American designs are used for creating a style of art, clothing is one of them. This dress has Navajo basket designs on the blouse’s collar and the printed skirt. The black velvet blouse has sterling silver stamped buttons paste in the corners of the collar basket design; their sizes are big and small. The sleeve style is a bell, having a narrow top to the bottom sleeve flares taking on a shape of a bell. The skirt has light blue velvet designs that can cast a shine on the fabric. The waistband is elastic that can stretch all the way out to 57 inches around.


  • Fabric: Black and Blue Velvet
  • Sterling Silver Studs/Buttons


  • Blouse: Women’s Large
  • Skirt: 34.5 Long
  • Waist: 31.5 inches around
  • Sleeve: 7 inches x 21 inches


  • Doreen Begay Etsitty


  • Tó’áhání Fashions

Velvet Tops with Basket Designs and Straight Skirt with Native Prints


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