In 1941, the Navajo Council created the Navajo Tribe’s Arts and Crafts Guild. In 1972, the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild became Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise. Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise (NACE) adopted the “Horned Moon” logo as their trademark. The store relocated from Fort Wingate, New Mexico to Window Rock, Arizona -Capital of the Navajo Nation. Recognition for such unique handcrafted Navajo jewelry, Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise flourished opening more stores located in Arizona: Cameron, Kayenta, Chinle, and National Monument Park, also in Shiprock, New Mexico.

NACE offers our customers a wide variety of merchandise in Native American Arts and Crafts selling jewelry from local vendors, including pottery, moccasins, Navajo cradleboards, Navajo rugs, Native American Church instruments and peyote fans. Our Window Rock store is the primary location for NACE. We offer these following services: embroidery and graphic design at the Window Rock store location.

In 2007, Navajo Arts & Craft Enterprise bought Teme’ Inc. (formally known as Sunburst Handcrafts) founded by Lional McKinney. The Teme jewelry line specializes in semi-precious stone inlay. Precious stone inlay is the central feature of the Teme’ gemstone jewelry. Each inlay stone is masterfully cut and fit by hand. The Teme’ jewelry line uses a wide variety of colored gemstones in our collection. The result is a simple, versatile and elegant look which characterizes all Teme’ jewelry.

We stride at providing our customers with a unique form of wearable art with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each item you purchase. From all the staff at Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise, we hope you enjoy our beautiful selection of jewelry and look forward to doing business with you.