Gilbert Tom 14K Gold and Turquoise Set

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    Sold as a set of five is a great deal especially when each jewelry piece has a different stone and designs that could be worn for any special occasions whether it would be separate or together. Using the different ounces of 14K gold to create twisted wires, teardrop cutouts and flat or round drops. The bracelets share the same materials including a size 7, the center stones are Carico Lake Turquoise; they come in various shades of blues to alluring greens with a golden brown spiderweb matrix and are considered to be popular in the market. The features of the bracelets are the hand stamp of fan and feather designs on the wrist band’s interior and exterior. Gold twisted wires surround the center stones and between them are round golden drops.

    The two rings different when compared with, the ring size, selection of stones and stamping designs. Starting with the big ring, its features are having silver cutouts of 6 teardrop, 4 paisleys and 6 fans that were stamped; all of the cutouts were soldered to the ring’s surface in addition of small round golden drops. The center stone is Chinese Turquoise, ranging from shades of green to light and darker blue with a beautiful dark brown spiderweb matrix. The second ring has sharper features of paisley and stamped fan cutouts. A golden twisted wire outlines the Kingman Turquoise stone and filling in the open spaces are round golden drops.

    The final jewelry piece is the pendant. The pendant had a large Pilot Mountain Turquoise stone in the center and 6 oval Mediterranean Coral stones around it. A golden wire surrounds the turquoise stone, flat drops are soldered between the coral stones and teardrop cutouts are dangles placed at the bottom of the pendant. Silver cutouts are also soldered with hand stamp designs. On the back of the piece and others are the hallmarks.



    • Sterling Silver
    • 14K Gold
    • Mediterranean Coral
    • Mountain Turquoise
    • Carico Lake Turquoise
    • Chinese Turquoise
    • Kingman Turquoise


    • Ring Sizes: Chinese Turquoise ring size- 12.5; Kingman Turquoise ring size- 8 3/4
    • Both of the Bracelet Sizes: 7
    • Pendant: 2 3/8 inch x 5 1/8 inch


    Gilbert Tom


    • “Gilbert Tom”
    • “Sterling”


    Navajo Arts and Crafts vendor

    Gilbert Tom 14K Gold and Turquoise Set

    SKU: 101191 - UPC: GTO002 Category:


    1 in stock


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